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Hyroglyphicus Synth Finale

The last Hyroglyphicus Synth - V2.5.4 for Reaktor 6.2

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2.5.4 for Reaktor 6.2 (Updated 3 years ago)
January 14, 2017
Reaktor 6


Updated 11-07-2017

New: All additive oscillators (Add Math and the Skywarp XY) now have a modal bank mode

There have been a few internal bug fixes.


If you enjoy my work please consider contributing a little something so I can build some more ensembles.

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated, I really need a new computer so please help out.

Paypal me at...

Hyroglyphicus V2.5 for Reaktor 6 Updated January 13th 2017

Synth now contains the following new filters from R6 blocks.

Requires Reaktor 6.1

Monark MM
Monark LP2
Monark LP1
Monark BP
Grobian ZDF
Bento Box
Comber X2

I am uploading this separately from Hyroglyphicus V2.2 as to not overwrite the last R5 compatible version.

This version will be uploaded under the name “Hyroglyphicus Synth Finale” as it is intended to be the last version update to this synth.

V2.2 which is R5.9 compatible is uploaded under Hyroglyphicus synth

Hyroglyphicus Updated to Version 2.2 on January 13th 2017

A Few internal improvements and some bug fixes

This is the final Reaktor 5 compatible version


Hyroglyphicus Updated to Version 2.1 on June 18 2016

A Few internal improvements and some bug fixes

Hyroglyphicus Updated to Version 2.0 on April 4 2016

watch this video for update info

All modulation capable knobs now show modulation movement and the vocoder has automatic pitch and gate detection with pitch quantize options.


Hyroglyphicus Updated to Version 1.3.1 on Saturday October 10th 2015

Go to my youtube channel to see the new features in version 1.3.1

!!!!Warning!!!! - Do not throw out Hyroglyphicus V1.2.4 - !!!!Warning!!!!

I removed several hundred snapshots from V1.3.1 because I was running out of snapshot banks and I needed to make room for more snapshots.

If you have used any snapshots from V1.2.4 in your projects do not throw out V1.2.4 as those same snapshots may not be in V1.3.1.

All snapshots saved as snapshot banks should still import properly in V1.3.1

!!!!Warning!!!! - Do not throw out Hyroglyphicus V1.2.4 - !!!!Warning!!!!


All sequencers now have Randomize with selectable polarity (-/+).

All arpeggiators now have Randomize with Scale locking options.

The distortion types have been overhauled and improved.*

*Some snapshots may sound differently because of this

Oscillator Amplifier ADSR's now have modulation ability.

The Distortion Rack, Tonal FX Rack and Reverb Rack no longer have a master on/off switch's, all snapshots should still behave and sound the same as before. (Except for some distortion types (Hyperbolic Saturator and Parabolic Saturator specifically)

there are several internal improvements and optimizations

All mod envelopes, LFO's, pattern performers and MBP envelopes now have a selectable re-trigger menu. you can set the modulators to re-trigger from any of the sequencers or from a note in.

!!!End of V1.3.1 updater info!!!


Hyroglyphicus Updated to Version 1.2.4 on Tuesday May 5th 2015

A few internal bug fixes have been made as well as a few minor internal improvements.

all snapshots made with previous versions should be compatible with the newest version.


Hyroglyphicus Updated to Version 1.2.1 on August 12th 2014

There is a whole new and improved video tutorial series explaining every part of Hyroglyphicus available here...

Several bug fixes have been made as well as several new features added.

the problem with the skywarp X/Y pad not recalling correctly on snapshots has been fixed.

The skywarp follow command behavior has been improved.

A separate folder with the missing samples has been added.

The New features are as follows...

A New improved portamento system compliments of Colin Brown (ColB), with time and rate options as well as an envelope re-trigger option.

A new and improved master sequencer taken from Step Seq v4.5r by Michael Lancaster. Has note tie, swing, repeat, step skip, and tuning options.

There is a new master tempo ratio option for 4/1, 2/1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 so you can double or half the speed of all tempo synced modulators without having to manually find and adjust them all individually.

All Modulation sequencers, pattern performers and arpeggiators now have individual swing parameters with a global swing command.

There is now a multi-output routing section under the master sequencer.



This is Hyroglyphicus, my master creation.

watch the overview and guide videos here.

Its basically a 4 osc multi mode mono synth with 7 selectable oscillator types and many modulatiuon and FX options.

anolog wavetable
digital wavetable
Waldorf Microwave XT re creation (By Riccardo Ferri)
Additive math based oscillator (Like lazerbass) (By Riccardo Ferri)
A Sample skanner By NI
A Shape oscillator by Salamander Anagram
a 4x4 additive system by salamander anagram.

there are parts in here made by probably 10 different reaktor builders from oscillator modules to FX systems to the multiple sequencer types.

Thanks to the following reaktor builders.

Salamander Anagram (2 Osc types & some Filters)
Riccardo Ferri(4 Osc Types)
Florian Schwehn (Multi breakpoint distortion shaper)
Vedran Vuk (Note arpeggiators/Seq)
michael lancaster (Step Seq V1.5)
Stephan V(Pattern Performer)

and so many more who's names I don't know.

Thanks to all the reaktor builders in general.

it helps to have a strong CPU as this thing is power hungry.

It was built on a 2008 macbook 2.1 ghz core 2 duo and some snapshots run as high as %50 cpu.

there are over 450 snapshots included.


Michael O'Hagan


michael o'hagan
3 years ago
they are the same samples as befor
3 years ago
Are there new samples in the folder or may I use them from the version before, Michael?
Jonathan Stubbs
3 years ago
Everything appears to be in order now. The download unzips correctly and includes the folder with samples and an LFO map. Thanks, Michael!!
michael o'hagan
3 years ago
Re-Uploaded at 2:09 pm Thursday 11/09/17 with samples folder included.
3 years ago
Michael, unzip okay - instrument okay! Thanks again
michael o'hagan
3 years ago
I've tried to re upload about 10 times and I get an http error everytime, I'll re upload later with the samples.
Jonathan Stubbs
3 years ago
Works now. Unzips to ensemble only (no folder).
michael o'hagan
3 years ago
Re-Zipped and Re-Uploaded at 3:00pm 11/8/17 Let me know if this one works.
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
Same here on Mac
3 years ago
An old zip repair prog told me: stream-read-bug
3 years ago
All unzipper failed: Winzip, 7zip, rar, Peazip. Eduard, how do you unzip the large file?
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
I'm not able to extract this using Keka, UnrarX or The Unarchiver.
Eduard Rojas
3 years ago
One of the best synths in the UL.
Lafayette Escadrille
3 years ago
This is what Reaktor is all about for me!
Matthew Friedrichs
4 years ago
Fantastic synthesizer! Great choice of filters. ;)
michael o'hagan
4 years ago
if you don't want to re download it you can just skip it as I don't have the original file anymore and it wasn't used in any snaps anyway. it went into the skanner osc wave slot #6, just drop any file you want in there instead.
michael o'hagan
4 years ago
the "CRX Wave Assembler edit.wav" file is not even on my hard drive anymore so I just re-opened the ensemble and made sure all samples were embedded into the synth and then I re-uploaded, all should be good now, just re download. theres nothing I can do on the R5 version as R5 still has the sample embedding bug where it doesn't work properly.
4 years ago
Michael, in both versions is missing the sample: „CRX Wave Assembler edit.wav“
4 years ago
Welcome on R6 Michael.
michael o'hagan
4 years ago
If you enjoy my work please consider contributing a little something so I can build some more ensembles. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated, I really need a new computer so please help out. Paypal me at... Hyroglyphicus V2.5 for Reaktor 6 Updated January 13th 2017