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Automating Bechain

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January 22, 2017
Reaktor 6
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With de's blessing, herewith one way of adding automation to his delightful Bechain using standard factory step LFOs. Since these were all added after the many snaps that come with the standard version, one can activate the automation on those snaps or not simply by visiting the Automatic Bank and selecting from (and adding to) the Master snaps that do include the LFOs—including All Off of course—and then return to the other banks where every new selection will now be run through whatever Automatic choice you've made. Any new Master snaps you save anywhere will include the LFO settings, so I'd suggest creating a new bank for these, so the existing banks remain uniformly agnostic about Automation…if you're an orderly sort, that is.

The Position sliders I've added to the Sample and Pattern LFOs are a bungled attempt to access more of the xy fields than a right-rising diagonal, such as an option for a left-rising diagonal; perhaps some better-informed soul will show me how to do that? I left 'em in because they do SOMEthing which adds interest, esp. if they themselves are made to move around.

Have fun…and many thanks to david, Brett and Puremagnetik!


2 years ago
Wow David, that's on!
2 years ago
That's awesome! I like the snaps you made too.