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Out There

Snapshot bank for STELLA

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
February 12, 2017
Reaktor 6
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A snapshot bank for the gorgeous drone synth STELLA by Brice Beasley.

Link to ensemble:

Below is the poem.

There is a planet
With interesting life
Where the wind blows
And faint noises can be heard
Machines can be seen
Operated by strange creatures
They speak in hushed tones
Large structures they erect
Immense roots bury into the ground
How these creatures long
To escape themselves
To find the truth
They cause chaos
Rid the land of its history
They pillage their surroundings
They call themselves superior
They look to the stars
They believe it holds the answers
So their destination holds true
They gather scientists
Making preparations
Making prototypes
Running out of time
Policies crumbled
All hope was lost
As the dust settled
Few survived
As the vessel launched
To leave it all behind
Forever pressing forward
Out there


Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
@tamzid Be my guest :) @Glenn That's strange, I don't think I've ever encountered that error before. Try sending NI a ticket.
Glenn Sogge
4 years ago
I get "Error while reading snapshot-file: .... Not a valid Reaktor file!"
tamzid rahman
4 years ago
Hi Jonathan ,the poem is just as beautiful as the snapshots.I wanted to know if I could use it as lyrics for a song.The credits will be given to you. Thank you!
Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
Go to snapshots, and right-click to load bank, then select the bank.
Arjan van Elst
4 years ago
Paule, Jonathan, thank you for this bizarre sounding ensemble! I'm pretty new at this all so my question is; how do I load these new presets in Stella. (I'm using Reaktor 6 inside of my Cubase Daw) Kind regards, Arjan
Karel Skakal
4 years ago
Fantastic Snapshots with a great story that matches the snapshots. Thank you
brice beasley
4 years ago
Amazing snapshots, Jonathan! You and Paule have opened up some new dimensions and found new constellations for further studies. And the story that unfolds through the snapshot hierarchy / poem is a remarkable journey. Thank you for your contribution! Including your snapshots in a forthcoming update.
Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
Anytime :)
4 years ago
Thanks for chatting again with STELLA.