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…for the latest Vilanova MIDI wonderland

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March 14, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Always a great day here when a new santiago vilanova ensemble appears in the UL. Did my usual long, deep dive into the simplest levels of its Arp settings variations, focusing on the snap called 'bach', since it seemed to respond to particular chords in a most obvious arpeggiator-like way unlike many of the others, which sound very much the same whether you feed Fugue a single note or a two-fisted chord.

So, here's 67 new bach-ish snaps for the Fugue devices (each now loaded with them all), new Master snaps to match in the bank 'DPC Bach 1', each using a single Fugue, plus a few at the end with all three Fugue boxes going, two as set from some "factory" snap and one with a random Bach 1 snap mixed in. Plus, another bank 'DPC Fazing' which explores poly-rhythmic offsets for multiple Fugue boxes, many using the new snaps from the other bank. Steampipe is set to ignore snap changes; I mostly used Snap 12, Bong when making these, though my real preference with Fugue is to send the MIDI out to some other PM plugin synth like Sculpture or Chromophone. All these minor changes already done here, which is why this snaps-only upload includes the original ensemble as well, so you won't have to fiddle with the settings just described to hear these as built. Oh, and the master BPM was set to 70 when I made all these, in case that doesn't come through with the upload.

Thank you, santiago, for yet another lovely holiday spent with one of your creations!


David Coffin
4 years ago
Oops, cat out of bag; sorry—private stash!
4 years ago
Thanks David, but .. change the category please it is R5 ssf - not R5 Blocks Patches. Or do you own blocks for R5? Give me the link please.
santiago vilanova
4 years ago
Cool David! a pleasure to have you playing with this, as usual. Thanks!