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Cloudlab Pulses

Seq snaps for Cloudlab v1.1, plus automation

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March 24, 2017
Reaktor 6
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Download is a zipped folder with an ssf file and two Auto. Step LFOs from the Factory Library, renamed and with switches added—and approved by Trevor:) (though he's got some much better seq-stuff in the works for us I suspect!). If you want to hear the snaps as built, drag the folder LFO's into a fresh version of Cloudlab—they don't need to be wired in—just dump them in at the Panel level or top structure-level and then hook them up via their Send To drop-downs, as labelled, to the 245t Step 1 and Step 2 IC-send targets about a fifth of the way down the drop-down list as in the screenshot. The Reaktor clock needs to be running for these to run, which is just as effective a way to turn them off as using the added switches, but not quite as flexible. All the original snaps and any of your own that already use the 245t Seq will be effected by the LFOs but you can switch them off and re-save the snap if you don't want 'em on.


Giorgio Inzaghi
2 years ago
Edit Mode.
David Forman
2 years ago
I'm late to the party, but how exactly do you load this? I tried right-clicking on the Embedded bank names, but nothing happens with a right click - "Load Bank" isn't an option.
David Coffin
3 years ago
Right-click on any bank name under Embedded, then choose New Bank. Right-click on the new bank and choose Load Bank, select the ssf file.
Bob Schrei
3 years ago
make that CloudLab
Bob Schrei
3 years ago
how do i add the ssf file to cloudless?