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Make Some Wavetables! (Vector-Mixed, Partial-Based PhM)

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
March 28, 2017
Reaktor 6


Inspired by the procedurally generated waveforms of Galbanum's "Architecture," I decided to cobble together a wavetable generator that works on similar principles, but with more room for creativity.

The ensemble is currently a single modulator-to-carrier setup, where the modulator generates eight partials, which are spaced according to selectable algorithms. The partials are sent via a mix matrix to up to four different mix groups, which are woven together by way of a vector mixer. This is fed into the phase modulation input of the carrier, which is currently either a sine or triangle wave.

Works well for generating rather precise, rounded, but not too harsh wavetables/single-cycles.

This is an early concept, so please provide any critique and suggestions for improvement that you can! More features will be added shortly.

Special thanks to:
•Donald Phillips for his tutorials on, which laid the foundation for the partial modulator, and helped me get off the ground with Reaktor in general.
•Mario Krušelj for the "Ampere Modular" macros, which laid the foundation for the LFOs, vector mixer, and mix matrix.
•Benjamin Poddig for his anti-aliased core oscillators, which serve as the carrier.


10 months ago
Thank you! i was thinking of this stuff long time. Will experiment and try implement mathemagical ideas :)
Robert Kramer
3 years ago
Thank you for your feedback Thala! Those are great suggestions. I'm experimenting with more robust modulation throughout (multi-BP EGs per your recommendation!), as well as a filter and distortion stage (filter between partial mix and carrier FM input; distortion palette after carrier). These additions, plus a more intuitive UI, will be included in Version 1.1 shortly!
Thala Estra
3 years ago
awesome work! you were asking for some feedback on facebook: showing values of all phase knobs would be nice. and having a envelope (maybe with loop points) as third amp mod could be nice too? or scaling the already existing lfo amp mods with a envelope per partial?