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Hyroglyphicus Oscillator Blocks

Hyroglyphicus Oscillator Blocks

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April 17, 2017
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If you enjoy my work please consider contributing a little something so I can build some more ensembles.

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

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Oscillator Blocks Extracted From Hyroglyphicus and made compatible with the blocks framework

These DO NOT follow the blocks framework rules, they are extracted components from my Hyroglyphicus synth, there are parts in primary and parts in core.

You can see a video overview of each oscillator type here

There are 9 blocks

A standard Analog wavetable

An analog stack wavetable (4-8-16 voice)

A Formant oscillator wavetable with 2 formant modes

A 5000 wave selectable wavetable with 16 wave steps
(2 wave bend modes and internal SR rate reduction)

An additive oscillator using math formulas
(Original by Ricardo Ferri)

A waldorf modeled MWXT oscillator
(Original by Ricardo Ferri)

A Skywarp Oscillator with 4 part additive X/Y controls
(Original by Salamander Anagram)

A Custom Waveshape Oscillator
(Original by Salamander Anagram)

A Skanner Oscillator
(Extracted and Modded from the original NI christmas gift)

I hope you enjoy


Alex Smith
1 year ago
These are a damn fine selection of OSCs - so much so it curved me of eurorack. Thank you Sir!
michael o'hagan
2 years ago
n my friend, its mono only, a poly version could run a high enough cpu to require 2 computers together.
alexander vasquez
2 years ago
wow !! amazing ! Is there a way to make it work polyphonic ?
michael o'hagan
2 years ago
These were designed to work as both blocks and instrument components, there is p-s which means pitch standard, and there's p-b which is pitch for blocks, both tested and working on my system. Make sure you are using the right pitch input for your needs.
neil rosson
2 years ago
Not able to get these working as i'm not able to connect the pitch inputs to the additive blocks. what i can get working sounds great though.
2 years ago
Shiny... Thank you!
David Coffin
2 years ago
Fantastic, thank you, Michael!
2 years ago
WOW! Thanks for your works.