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a modified Metaphysical Function

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
June 03, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower



Instrument Design
Mike Daliot
James Walker-Hall

Sound Design
Speedy J
Hannes Strobl
Mike Daliot
Richard Devine
Telefon Tel Aviv
Christian Kjeldsen
Daniel Santucci

Interface Design

(C) Native Instruments 2004

repaired by Lowkus 2008
IDs & automatic IDs manually changed by -pa
macro SlowRandom Pitchgate
6 automatic snapshot banks
Thanks to Colin Brown for SnapBreeder 2015



8 months ago
MF and MIDI - the tool is on board Above the screen are 2 pitch sliders and on the right side 2 midi buttons. Set the slider to rec, switch midi to on and press some keys on your keyboard. Please play legato - gate is like the mouse button on the slider. Or press a key and hold. Then play your notes. If you copy the 'MIDI' macro - your tools - in slider macros you can record all sliders by midi or midi files. This idea comes in my mind recognized on some factory snapshots movings you can't realized with a mouse.
Vasily Zbruev
1 year ago
Native Instruments 2004
2 years ago
Works fine with the last R5 version 5.9.4
2 years ago
This is not working with Reaktor 5 or lower. I think you need Reaktor 6 to use it
2 years ago
Leandro, MF was built in R4 as EI2 part. Hopping from 5.1.5 to 5.5.1 seven years ago something was frong inside MF. Mark Bonnington aka Lowkus load up a repair manual while MF was a part of selling instruments. Hope this is a right memory of the history. The panel elements on bottom right are part of SlowRandom Pitchgate.
Asterios Fakits
2 years ago
Big thanks for this new version!! Always like MF!! :-)
Leandro Muñoz
2 years ago
this is incredibly big!! and great!! I wanted to know what were the reparations on 2008? what are for the new three buttons down right ? midi incomming?
Giorgio Inzaghi
3 years ago