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Play your mono synth as a poly synth

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version 2017.06.05 (Updated 4 years ago)
June 06, 2017
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


The ensemble is an effect that you can use to play a(n external) mono synth as a poly synth. Using pitch shifters, the incoming voice of the mono synth is multiplied (it can also be used to create backing vocals on the fly). It is made with blocks. It contains a modified Note In block for multiple note output, modified VFFT pitch shifter from Jan Brähler (, modified Bento Box envelope (four envelopes in one) and modified bento box mixer (four mod inputs instead of two). I have made a short youtube video here:
It is still a work in progress and can definitely use some improvements, but it does work.


m m
4 years ago
this is outstanding i dont have full reaktor will it work in free reaktor
Dan Barrett
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing this. Great work.
Peter Postma
4 years ago
Thanks Mike, I have moved it already.
mike sugarbaker
4 years ago
If it's an ensemble, it's misfiled; can we move it to Blocks > Patches?
Oliver Großmann
4 years ago
wow, thank you and thanks for the video!
4 years ago