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DualBeatLooper v3

2 beatloopers to play 1 sample polyrhythmically

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joe king
v3 (Updated 3 years ago)
July 04, 2017
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Drag the clips to the topmost beatlooper dropzone per preset bank. clap-slow1.wav goes with bank 008clap1, bist-du-schwarz-gefahren.wav goes with bank 009bist-du-schwarz-gefahren etc. Or mix them up for more possibilites. This is a rather simple toy I found fun to play with. Structure might be not that efficient. Start your daw and start the ensemble clock to get some rhythms going. Curve seq helps on some banks to modulate volume of each sampler. More or less my first hacked together instrument/ensemble. Obvious problems: waveform display disappears sometimes (when you edit the ensemble?), just change bank and preset and go back to get the waveform display. You can edit the waveform colours - the macro is from the beatlooper. Samples from DontTrustTheRabbit (Trixy? bist-du-schwarz-gefahren.wav - you ride without a ticket?), sounds from Electrax vst, slowclap from Youtube.


joe king
3 years ago
There are some issues with the original beatlooper sampler from the library. Seems like the reverse play acts funny on some settings. Also the play head indicators sometimes go out of bounds.
Felix Petrescu
3 years ago
lovely concept. not quite polished but usable:) thank you!!!
Brett Lavallee
3 years ago