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A simple 8 track mixer with 2 send and master

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Sasha Bon
1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
August 21, 2017
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A simple 8 track mixer with 2 send and master.
Try to change the panel color in 50 46 89 to give it a blue/purple look : )
The third eye is track on/off, the nose is the balance, left and right ear is send1 send2, the mouth is the volume.


Sasha Bon
3 years ago
Thank you Arthur, I'm glad you like it! I think I will upload more! : )
Arthur Labitzke
3 years ago
Simply because of the design it´s an absolute must-have in everybodies virtual rack. Beautiful! I´ll build machines with LOTS of audio busses just for the reason to need MANY of these real gems...;-)