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Ol' Dirty Bastard (v 1.0)

Rugged and raw dual oscillator

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 26, 2017
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Dual oscillator designed to produce dirty, modulated sounds. Two flexible oscillators sum, feed into an overdrive circuit, and get spit out of a blended distortion circuit at the end. Great for making twisted sounds!

Thanks to:
•Trial'N'Error for the Sirius VCO block, which has been doubled and nestled into this block (for the record, my favorite block VCO to date).
•Kostas Karamitas for the Dijon Overdrive block, the circuit of which has been nestled in after the oscillators as the first summing stage (another wicked effect and one of my favorites - check it out!)
•Matthew Friedrichs for the gnarly Disorder block, whose Gabber mode has been used as the final distortion stage (Nouveau Collection ftw!)


Kostas Karamitas
1 year ago
Great stuff man! Thanks for this.
Georgescu Valentin
1 year ago
Ooh baby I like it raw Yeah baby I like it rawww
1 year ago
Yes, I am, thanks a lot.
Robert Kramer
1 year ago
Thanks Brett! Are you by chance the creator of Brett Blocks? I love that collection!
1 year ago
Thanks. I love dual oscillators. Nice use of sourced components. I have used the macros from Disorder a few times myself.