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May 16, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


The name says it all really. This is a drum machine using modelled606 / 808 sounds (not exactly the same, but it captures the spirit)I think it sounds rather good. Theres also a 'vintage' soundingfilter / EQ for some old-time beats. Had enough drum machines - timeto move on I think.Have fun,Byee..


Eric Allen
7 years ago
Although this is 11 years old and absolutely timeless in being so, I've noticed a couple flaws in the design that any newcomers may find confusing, and subsequently useful to resolve. One issue is that the rimshot's "micro delay" module is not connected to the Swing module. Simply right click on the swing knob in panel view, go to "show in structure" and you will notice that all of the individual drum modules' "micro delay" modules have a delay input. If you select the second multiply block, following the Swing knob, you will see that all of the delay inputs are receiving their signal from this module, but the rimshot's micro delay is not connected. Simply connect the rimshot's micro delay's delay input and presto. In addition to this the first multiply module following the Swing knob had a set value based on the designer's tempo, presumably at the time of completion. However if a user would like to change tempo and have a shuffle that properly corresponds with the tempo then simply create a new multiply block and connect the Tempo Info block to the first input, on the second input create a constant value of 60 or 120 (or any power of 60), depending on the desired shuffle resolution. This will ensure that the shuffle follows tempo. Enjoy!
kamaz kamaz
10 years ago
Perfect vintage drum machine thanx !!
Karel Skakal
10 years ago
GENIUS...9 years You were future of sound THEN +10+ THANK YOU
CC lines of the acid
11 years ago
This small ,beautiful brilliant! thanks.Thank you after 8 years
11 years ago
Richard Bull
13 years ago
Clifton Cameron
15 years ago
Beautiful Machine. Thank you very much.
16 years ago
Nice machine!
Mark Rennie
18 years ago
Nice Instrument. Well Done!
Andrej Imamovic
19 years ago
I completely agree with Phil!
Phil Durrant
19 years ago
this is a fantastic 808 clone. wonderful