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Micro Series

A collection of filters for mix and studio work.

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
September 26, 2017
Reaktor 6
Effect Filter


I was tired of using the eq of my DAW for create low pass effects, so i create this collection of simple ZDF filter for my work.
I wanted to use the quality of Reaktor sound in a very simple and practical way, with all the features i need : HP, LP, monomaker, phase invert, automation and no coloration when i load the plugins. This collection include a version of the Green Metaverb by Stephan Schmitt, with advance eq and gate. All ins have a mono and stereo version, for save cpu.

(ps : sorry for my poor English :)


Artem Moroz
7 months ago
Thank You!
Claude S.
9 months ago
Have to say, I really enjoy the stuff you build!!
Greg (Empty Vessel) Cole
12 months ago
lovely visual design and a really useful toolset, thank you.
Federico Giraldo
1 year ago
chris komashko
3 years ago
exactly what i've been looking for, thanks!
Jason Chatzilias
3 years ago
purposeful...great work!
3 years ago
Thanks ;)
Víctor Bernardino de Castro
3 years ago
Nice! Muy elegante
Woodpecking Mantis
3 years ago
dsp works great and interface looks very good! great job
3 years ago