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MIDI Triggered Stereo Granulizer

Use MIDI to take granular snapshots of the input as it plays

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
October 02, 2017
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A quick-and-dirty way to take frozen snapshots of a signal each time MIDI is triggered. I use it in Live, taking MIDI and audio from the source signal, to capture the sound each time a new note is triggered.

Freezing of granular modules can be controllably offset with a trigger delay, allowing a bit of the original sound to pass through before freezing it with each MIDI trigger. Likewise, you can crossfade between the clean and granular signal.

Just another product of weekend tinkering that you might find useful. :)

Cheers to Matthew Friedrichs for the grain modules (taken from the Nouveau Collection), as well as Michael Hetrick for the trigger delay and logic modules (taken from the Euro Reakt collection).