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Bouncing ball gate and modulation generator

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October 14, 2017
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PONG - Pinball simulation block

- Each bounce generates a Gate out
- X position, Y position and ball's speed are output as modulation signals
- 8 memory slots that can be recalled manually or by an audio gate at its Memory recall input; each one stores x and y starting coordinates, launch direction and starting speed of the ball
- 4 Tilt gate inputs allow to accelerate the ball with other modulation (or audio, possibly) signals

Bounce responsibly!


Jonathan Tremblay
2 months ago
I made a video, using this block to gate and sort of sequence my wavetable blocks: ^_^
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
excellent !
1 year ago
Hey chris, I just checked it again and it works as intended. Is the ball hitting the boundaries? If not, try with these settings: Gravity 0, Friction 0, Bounce around 75%. Then left click inside the display, or click on a memory button, to launche the ball. You can aslo try to lower the "velocity" setting, maybe your ball is moving so slow that pong is generating only very low level gates?
chris aucote
1 year ago
I don't seem to be getting any gates out of it. Am I doing something wrong?
andre wild
1 year ago
Fun Block thanks