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Oldschool Psy/Chemical-Loopholes with Kodiak sound

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1.5 + 1.9b (Updated 3 years ago)
October 18, 2017
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


QUESTION: Do you prefer the Master and Slave sequencer to be 2 separate instruments (separate snapshots for each seq possible, which is sexy for quick workflow) or would you like to have them in one instrument via stacked macros, which saves many space on the screen?

UPDATE 1.9 is made for guys who want to grow step by step with this ensemble. 2.0 will break all snapshots, since the plan is to bring together what belongs together.
the speed (triggers) of the Master and slave sequencer you can set by the QUANT and LOOP knobs of AutoRiseAR (the grey one left side)
the RESET is still managed by the NI Clock. this will change in 2.0
please see below for all 1.9 changes

All Bugs of the Shift Sequencer new outputs are intended! that`s it`s charme...

-modified the Kodiak Shift Sequencer (2 extra outputs for LPG/ADSR Parallel combo)
-modified the Kodiak Duality OSC (Mix-Knob + extra output)

whats the clou?
The LPGs Pluck is triggered by short gates.
The ADSR (which is modulating the LPGs Level) is triggered by hold steps.
with some buggy logical circuit which generates lush 303-like sequences. but sometimes the unpredicted way :)
The Base kodiak seq was taken from Matthias Schaffner (on View B you will find the kodiak curve seq)

just delete Keith the kick if you're working with your DAW.

Thanks to NI for All Blocks used in here
Thanks to Matthias Schaffner for his dual kodiak seq mod
Thanks to Brett for the Vitaverb
Thanks to Jason Leiter for the Acid filter
Thanks to David Elson for Keith
Thanks to Zhaonan Zeng for ScalePro

-if you want to adjust the Sustain Volume please use Mod A on LPGs LEVEL-Knob.
-once you have a nice sequence, try to shift the gate and/or Hold pattern of the Kodiak Shift Seq to generate variations quickly

Have Fun

Update 1.0
reworked all snapshots
more snapshots
more power
replaced vitaverb by rounds reverb

Update 1.5:
Implemented ScalePro into the Kodiak Shift Sequencer (inside Core, the Slide still works!)
More Snaps (melodic funky sh*t)

Master + Slave Kodiak shift sequencer.
the slave got a extra output which is scale correcting the master input, which is routed to the Morph filter.
the HOLD seq lane of the MAster Seq is routed to the morph filters mod. so you can generate scale corrected chord-resonances (minor/major switch)

REverb and morph filter are one device, even if they are both a instrument. added a routing switch, where you can set the morph filter pre or post reverb to generate some lush background.
morph filter got a input and output meter + volume adjust.
morph filter got 2 transpose knobs for each keyboard mode one.
morph filter is stereo now.
added a cv analyzer.
Acid filter got a clean high and low boost (be careful, high amplify factor. you can go extreme EQing if high and lowpass on the filter have a "closed" position.)
lots of other handy changes under the hood.

Vers 1.9b
some gui improvements
correct file upload


3 years ago
No - it looks like a sugar cover of Lebkuchen
Thala Estra
3 years ago
you can cange every colour if you want :)
3 years ago
Mhm, Bonbon rosa Blocks.
3 years ago
Fantastic, thank you.
3 years ago
Thanks for the quick updating
Thala Estra
3 years ago
Thanks for the kind words Christian. As you were writing these Lines it was already done. V1.5 with a scale corrected Shift Sequencer is on the way :)
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
Superb. Sounds great, the many presets are lovely, and indeed, playing around with the octave, velocity, gate and hold buttons on the sequencer - anything but the pitch - yields many musically satisfying variations. Lots of fun.