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Akkord-Sequencer for MIDI

A modified version to be used in a DAW

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1.1 (Updated 2 years ago)
November 30, 2017
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


The sequencer of the factory-ensemble Akkord can not be used to provide MIDI-output inside a DAW. This instruments contains a small modification to make this possible.

Update: The first version produced high notes due to a high number of voices. Version 1.1 uses the unmodified Akkord sequencer but contains an additional instrument to simply redirect the MIDI-notes to the DAW.


Dimitris Diavatis
1 year ago
thank you :)
lesly remy
2 years ago
Tutorial video?
Irakli Berika
2 years ago
thank you !
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
very useful! Thanks very much!
2 years ago
Thanks, works fine after latest update :)
isaac illam
2 years ago
I'm getting the high trigger notes too.
brad wutke
2 years ago
i tried this but it seems to be triggering really high notes, not sure what i am doing wrong. Maybe i am missing an octave setting.
marco vicari
2 years ago
thank you, thomas.
Thomas Starke
2 years ago
@lesly remy: You can use this instrument as sequencer with the provided snapshots. Use it either in your DAW or in more complex ensembles as a source of MIDI-notes.
Petty Vendetta
2 years ago
works good. Check it:
lesly remy
2 years ago
So wait...I think my brain just exploded. What can we do w/this exactly?