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The Thing 2018

An updated version of monsTrum synth The Thing 2002

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Rick Scott
1 (Updated 2 years ago)
February 02, 2018
Reaktor 6


The Thing 2018

An updated version of the second in my series of monsTrum synths, The Thing speaks from gentle to frenzied 50s sciFi in lurid reverb-drenched technicolor/sound.

Use paTch to teach The Thing new vocabulary.

1/2002 - 1/2018


Artem Moroz
6 months ago
Thank YOU!!!
Raul Lizarraga
7 months ago
i'm still using Son of Thing now (with a few basic basic mods) thank you so much for these incredible devices!
Pablo Bastian
1 year ago
Kurt Russel would be very proud.
Anders Arensbach
2 years ago
fantastic synth make some unique sounds
Rick Scott
2 years ago
Stuff. ;-)
2 years ago
The stranges place is far 16 year ago? What are you doing in the space time between?
Rick Scott
2 years ago
I made the original 16 years ago! Wild! Guess I'm a devoted Reaktor user ... :-)
Rick Scott
2 years ago
Yes, this one patches well. (Not true for all randomizable synths!) And it can take you to some strange places. :-)
Rasmus Jakobsen
2 years ago
Fascinating - a couple of clicks on the paTch - and you sail off with the sound !