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CloudLab 2, Deeper: the 3

Snaps in which CloudLab V2's OSC are isolated and mixed

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March 17, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Discovered a way to isolate and mix the three different osc. I say discovered since I didn't set this up, just noodled around with a given setup, until I saw how it was working—iow, no doubt this could be set up a bit more logically, quite differently, in all sorts of interesting other ways…but I didn't do that, just began to see how at least one of the factory snaps (Borderlands) was set up.
Anyway, what we've got here, eventually anyway, as described below, is a bunch of snaps for which CL is set up so that each osc goes to a unique mixer channel (1,2,3) and has a unique Quad row and column (A, B, C), so it's easy to isolate and mix them, and thus to tweak up new sounds in a quite logical way, since as far as I can tell, this is a basic parallel arrangement of the audio outs for 3 OSC, with each one also going into its own Quad channel. I have no idea (yet) if this is just the default, or how many other ways there might be to set these up…but for now, it's giving me the illusion of understanding and a LOT more conscious control than I've had up to now! Note that after #35, each Quad row is set to the top type, so each OSC is being controlled in the same way, with the Quad acting as a Pulser with wonderfully rich and to me very understandable control over the pulsing behavior. Switch out of that mode and you're back on your own:)

Also note that I've made NO use of the three left-most panels (the seq and the two controllers below that). As far as I know, these aren't even connected to anything after #35.

I've flipped the index order in the snap panel to start where I ended, so the first three snaps show each OSC in isolation, rather than these being the last snaps. No doubt this view isn't saved with .ssf file, so I suggest you flip the view, too, or just start at the bottom.

As originally made, and with the index NOT flipped, the first 32 snaps are more of the same more or less random fiddling as in my earlier post for CLv2. The focus starts with #35, Dual Gen, and basically gets more focused and more clear to me what I'm doing as I progress to the last three, so if you want more logic, do start at the end, not the beginning. Hope this makes sense and is useful to somebody. Also, all the snaps after the Alone on a swing ones are MIDI-transposable, which can of course make all the difference!
Once again, as in my earlier snap post (Abnormal) this is an instrument-level bank, NOT an ensemble one, so you'll have to create a bank at that level to load these into; they won't work as ensemble snaps.

Thanks again, Trevor; really LOVING this thing!


Philippe Loiseau
2 months ago
thank you David, will try thie
jace cavacini
1 year ago
Oh duh, I see I had problems with all of your snaps, not just the last three I downloaded and uselessly commented on. Sorry about that. I seem to have figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks!
Catman Dude
3 years ago
Rockin' good news, David Coffin, and thanks! Your work on the oscillators demonstrates just how amazing they are, and how rich and varied the possibilities are. As someone who chooses pitches very carefully, I will be looking at your snaps for their MIDI control possibilities. More to follow.
David Coffin
3 years ago
Hey Jace, still having troubles? It's working for others, so maybe give more details, or start a forum thread, that can be followed; these comments are painfully inflexible and limited.
jace cavacini
3 years ago
Not sure how to use these. Loading them into the instrument doesn't seem to produce desired results either.
Nico Staelens
3 years ago
I first made the mistake loading your snapshots in the ensemble in stead of the instrument. Very nice sounds! Thank you for sharing your experience on this lovely beast!
3 years ago
Wow more than 200 downloads for your special snaps - poor 3 votes only!