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StepSeq 1.5+Nanowave II…plus some Roux'n'random

A gem revived, with a little spin

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April 26, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Stumbled over this recently, thanks to some "best-of-Reaktor" somewhere and was delighted all over again with how great Nanowave can sound, and how badly R needs a "basic" mono-sequencer that actually works. Both of those things are beautifully delivered in this creation from Michael Lancaster, though he'd just taken them both down within days of my interest. He graciously encouraged me to put them back up, thank you for that Michael!

So, they're great all on their own and even better hooked up as Michael did in his original post, 4 years or so ago, with the sequencer running modulation as well as notes into Nanowave. But I've lately also discovered the joys of modulating sequencer parameters like speed and length—dunno what took me so long—and this one's a wonderful candidate for that. So, I dropped in my personal favorite modulation package, Peter Dine's Roux step sequencer, which I'd previously racked up into a bank of 8, and plugged them into both the seq and Nanowave, loved it.

So, here all that is: Michael's originals rescued, plus some mod options I think work really well with that package, plus two new banks of Ensemble-level snaps and a little Random-All macro from Rick Scott for the sequencer, too… Enjoy.

And try it out with other synths, of course. I'm still playing with other groupings, will post more no doubt…


3 years ago
We miss the Genre 'Patches' for Reaktor 5 in U/L
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
Fantastic combination! Cheerful in the best possible way! I love it! Thank you!