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Breath-controlled Hammy

Breath-controlled Hammond organ with Leslie

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May 11, 2018
Reaktor 6


By request, this is a breath-controlled version of a Hammond organ ensemble I once built.

It responds to breath control on CC#2, having two new knobs that control the crescendo (in dB) above 64 and the decrescendo (in dB) below 64. It also has two new knobs for controlling the depth of pitchbend.

It includes all of the snaps from the original Hammy.

It's polyphonic, so if your wind controller supports Note Hold you can play chords.

Also included is a Leslie speaker cabinet created by Tim Schwerdtfeger, and NI's Space Master 2 reverb.


Krypton Council
1 year ago
Thank You!
1 year ago
Chet, your hammy sounds great; and this version is simply the best hammond-organ to use with breath control!
1 year ago
ty for compress 20:1