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Triple Split

Splits a keyboard into three mono or poly zones

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Mark Smart
01 (Updated 3 years ago)
May 21, 2018
Reaktor 6


In this ensemble, the Triple Split instrument takes MIDI data from channel 1 and splits it into three different Zones. Each Zone can be defined independently as polyphonic or monophonic, legato or retrigger mode, and latest-, lowest-, or highest-note priority. The resulting Pitch and Gate signals are sent to 3 different instruments with 8 note polyphony. In this ensemble, the signals go to three different Junatik synths from the Reaktor library (with panels reduced in size by me), but in each one you can delete everything but the Combiner macro if you want to hook up your own synth.

I redid my sound example. Now it's in three sections:

1. Zones 1 and 2 cover the bottom half of keyboard. Zone 1 is mono retriggered low-note-priority and Zone 2 is mono legato high-note priority. This allows you to play two monophonic lines with the left hand. With some practice they can sound independent. Zone 3 covers the top half of the keyboard and is mono legato with latest-note priority. So, three monophonic lines at once, with only the bass reattacking every note.

2. Zones 1 and 2 cover the bottom half of keyboard again. Zone 1 is mono retrigger low-note-priority again but this time Zone 2 is polyphonic. This allows you to play a bass line and a chord (in a higher octave) with one hand. Zone 3 is the same as last time, mono legato with latest-note priority. So, bass, chord, and melody all at once.

3. All 3 Zones span the whole keyboard. Zone 1 is mono retrigger low-note-priority, Zone 2 is polyphonic and Zone 3 is mono legato highest-note priority. So, a chord and two melodies that follow the top and bottom notes.

Lots of cool possibilities! This was in part inspired by the ARP Quadra.

The "MIDI In" panelset is good if you like a lot of flashing lights.

The Lowest-, Highest-, and Latest-Note Priority macros might be useful to other Reaktor builders. The Highest and Lowest macros also contain a priority encoder Core cell that might be useful as well.


--Mark Smart 2018


Artur Nowak
6 months ago
Exactly what I was looking for, thank you Mark!
Yannick Sandoz
3 years ago
Interesting ! I'll give it a try, thx !