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Null PhaseSynth

A capable PM/FM synth

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June 12, 2018
Reaktor 6


Null PhaseSynth has quite a few features:
-4 0scillators with PM and FM capabilities
-3 Warp functions per oscillator
-A lowpass/ highpass filter
-A distortion effect
-A reverb effect

You can switch oscillators or mod matrixes my clicking and dragging the grey circles.
There are no snapshots yet, but stay tuned because I'll probably add some

If you want to support me, you can do so over at


2 years ago
Also, FM does not seem to work for 3 and 4 PM does.
2 years ago
This cool. If I make some nice snapshots how can I get them too you? I recently helped out the developer of Ultrakick (Max for live) With making presets would love to do the same for some reaktor developers
Brett Lavallee
2 years ago
Thank you.