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all my aero snapshots

5 banks more

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1.1 (Updated 11 months ago)
July 01, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower
Other Sounds


15 banks for Aero 1


Giorgio Inzaghi
9 months ago
dave p
10 months ago
Hey Paule here's one using your snaps: they are some pretty damn cool snaps
David Coffin
11 months ago
Thanks for clarifying, Paule
11 months ago
David, they are for aero only. The structure of the other aeros are different. The ssf from 2011 surely. Using Colins Snap Breeder - I don't now. Okay they are now for new users. You are be here since 2002 and me since 2006.
David Coffin
11 months ago
…and now I find I already had these…(in my vast UL storehouses). Had they been up here before now?
David Coffin
11 months ago
Thanks Paule; I knew you'd have some:) Do these work in all 3 versions, or in some specific one of them?