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Brain Beat v1.1

Granular Sampler

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Colugo _
1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 16, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


It's a sampler using Reaktor's granular resynthesis module. Each MIDI note (from 0-127) has its own settings.

Play a MIDI note to select it. The parameters for that note are displayed on the left.

If you add more samples, or replace the existing samples (F6 for sample map editor), make sure you configure the RANGE setting (on the GLOBAL page) for your sample map.


To randomize the settings for the currently selected MIDI note press the RANDOMIZE [?] button.

To randomize the settings for all MIDI notes press the RANDOMIZE ALL [?!] button.

Each parameter has a LOCK button. The locks are global across all notes. When a parameter is locked it won't be affected by the randomizer.

There is a per-note LOCK button in the upper-right of the NOTE page. When this is activatated, this note's parameters will be unaffected by the RANDOMIZE ALL [?!] button.


The "Init" snapshot contains a starting point with all parameters initialized to their default values.


jace cavacini
9 months ago
I experience the same bug reported by Michael O'Hagan. :-( Reaktor 6.3, Mac OS 10.12.6
kevin halloran
1 year ago
once again, thanks. love it. in an ideal world, a great complement to this module would be one in which midi note does not change sample selection, but only pitch.
kevin halloran
1 year ago
this thing is freakin' genius. instant fave!
Felix Petrescu
1 year ago
fantastic sampler:) thank you! my only request is a small sample viewer in the interface. makes life easier. I understand minimalism and all but...:)
michael o'hagan
1 year ago
I get a bug with this, if I hit the same note several times in a row it will skip triggers and not play on every note press.
David Coffin
1 year ago
RD likes it:
John Lucero
1 year ago
This is a fun one. Very useful for what I was doing.
Nico Staelens
1 year ago
You are back! :)
marco vicari
1 year ago
a "copy to all notes" function would be cool.... maybe for 1.2 ;)
marco vicari
1 year ago
Thank you. Great DrumToy!
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Good sampler ! Funny to stretch the text of the stretch param :-)
Vagelis M
1 year ago
Thank you Colugo you 've been missed!
David Coffin
1 year ago
Love it! Many thanks! Just my cuppa:)