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Continuum Synth

An 8x8 64 wave X/Y morping wavetable synth

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1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 17, 2018
Reaktor 6


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*Updated on 10/22/2019

Continuum now has a vocoder and some bug fixes and internal cpu improvements.

*End updater info

This is Continuum Synth, my entry into the Reaktor builders contest.

It is a monophonic, 8x8, X/Y morphable wavetable synth with with 5000 selectable waves and FM modulation.

!!!Tooltips are enabled to explain every parameter!!!

There are random fill options and ordered fill options.

you can select a wave catagory and randomly fill from within that catagory or you can select a numeric wave value and fill the wavetable from there.

There are a variety of modulation options and a complex modulation routing matrix.

2/4/6/8 pole low pass/band pass/high pass filters as well as a stereo frequency shifter for creating artificial stereo width and de-tuning.

There is also a stereo delay with ping pong mode.



Michael Hagen
1 month ago
I Love It, it's great
michael o'hagan
6 months ago
JE D. I'm not sure what you mean?
6 months ago
Hello, I was wondering why the waveform visuals are not black as it was in the previous version when you click on B view. Is it a easy fix? Cheers J.
Richard Figone
7 months ago
Saving me $ on a Korg Wavestation hahaha
Omar Misa
1 year ago
Wonderful! Sounds fantastic as a vocoder, with its pitch, band-morphing, and level automisation. One thing i noticed is that the vocoder enable button is dark when on, light when off. Which is a bit confusing.
1 year ago
Bruno Fischer
1 year ago
Top notch!
Claude S.
1 year ago
Yep.. saw that. Lovely none-the-less. Congrats. Great work!
michael o'hagan
1 year ago
Claude S. > It's mono for CPU reasons, some snaps can run as high as %40 or more on my computer.
Claude S.
1 year ago
I am going to try it out in a few... love the GUI. But man... why is everyone making mono synths? What's wrong with having more than one voice?
Kimmo Kivelä
1 year ago
Now here's something!!! Very impressive.
david basnight
2 years ago
this is nice, I mean damn... its nice... great work man.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Just a beautiful synth, nicely laid out, creatively imagined and sounding like a gem!
Anthony Palomba
2 years ago
Lovely wavetable goodness!
Charles Capsis IV
2 years ago
I really like the sound from this synth. Nice ensemble.
michael o'hagan
2 years ago
David Williams - I might actually add a vocoder to it now that you say that.
David Williams
2 years ago
Obviously, great for vocoding.
Stephen Wey
2 years ago
This is incredible - thanks, good luck
Daniel Stoica
2 years ago
Good luck Michael with the contest!
2 years ago
Love the sound of this thing. Unique!
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Still awesome and muuuch nicer GUI, more readable for me. Thx :-)
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
So nice and so inviting! Thanks!
David Coffin
2 years ago