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TR-608 (64 sami) v1.3

samples and MIDI out on retro

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1.3 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 20, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


Drum Box modelled on Roland sounds. Somewhere between a 606 and 808
Baz 2001

64 steps (16 in 4 rows), 16 instrument bank breeding snaps, samples and MIDI Out, individual accents on every place

Snapshot Breeder by Colin Brown
DC offset by salamanderanagram
AutoM @Snap# by Dietrich Pank
Lazy switch idea based on devs by HG Fortune (R.I.P. 2014)
Samples from Pannax 2011
MIDI out from Boehmy 2013
ROOM from Pandoro 2017

< Always start the MIDI clock >

step knobs create with jknobman by g200kg
autoMorph by Gerhard Senz

- fixed FX send
- pata mod EQ
- return FX outside EQ
- mute drums possible

- fixed LAZY amount
- fixed LAZY position
- changed FX to Room/Shimmer

please de-mute autoMorph 2018 in the structure before usage

- fixed ROOM issue - thanks Jonathan
- new snap banks
- older have mal function in this version

- autoMorph (aM) on View B
- try to start aM with 'silencio' 2nd in ensemble
- first select the Bank-fader to the desired bank
- now de-mute aM in structure
- during aM runs you can change NO knobs but you can mute (or de-mute) rows, EQ, Limiter, LAZY or ROOM up to the next snap is working. Listen to the demo please.
Xpansion on ROOM gives a deeper sounds to the mix.
FX send is driven by slow random. Prnd works on the pitch of a sound.
The 3 demos start at snapshot 1 bank 1 and ended on the same bank at snap 30 = 43 minutes.
There is no second instrument. So I don't need ensemble snapshots.


Claude S.
1 year ago
This is really amazing. Keep it up Paule!
1 year ago
Thank you Jonathan.
Sven Kretzschmar
1 year ago
Bernd, Form is nich mit dabei. Drum´s K.Teck,Fragments,Ultrakick und Redux aus UL Danke an dieser Stelle für deine Sachen teilen ;-))
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
Found error with reverb not being mono, it's the switch that enables/disables it. Make the bottom one (right channel) send to the top one (left channel), not the top one (left channel) send to the bottom one (right channel). This is because on the panel view the enable/disable for the reverb is only the switch for the right channel that's visible.
1 year ago
Prima Sven, klingt als hättest du FORM mit eingesetzt. Das neue Demo ist Patch mit Skrewell Flucius. Ist auch in der U/L.
Sven Kretzschmar
1 year ago
Super die alten Dinger. Sind alle auf Festplatte. Bernd, dein hochgeladener Track passt von der ersten Sekunde an super zu meinem Mix ab 8:30. TR-608 wird demnächst mit eingesetzt..! Danke Herr Keil :-)
marco vicari
1 year ago
Danke Paule for the oldy but goldy.
1 year ago
ty Greg
Greg Killmaster
1 year ago
Love it! Thank you!