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Niji Solution 2

Complete Drum Machine with External Sequencer.

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V2.0 (Updated 3 months ago)
August 23, 2018
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A lot of improvements... New sequencer (offset and step knob more intuitive and visual), new sound generators, new master fxs (delay, filter, saturation, eq, compressor ...), compatibility of the gate/shuffle/direction knob with pattern A and B, new fx sequencer section, new mix table with quick access for change patterns and solo function, patch and play compatibility....
Panel B for smaller view.
Be patient when loading the instrument or ensemble (very big process) :) !


Add new FX sequencer section for the filter, saturation, SR reducer and master level.
New snapshots collection by DJ Saint Pierre (Hexarec / Illegal Alien Records)
Various improvements.


The Native Instruments Niji Collection and Bento Seq, modified and combined for create a complete drum machine with a lot of options, for studio and live performance.

You can use this drumbox for control 2 external instruments and create quickly a complete instrumental set up (it works very well with my two other synth : aerobus and styx for example :)).

Also, each channel : kick, snare... have a dedicated send return fx loop and individual outputs, very usefull for multitrack mixing application in your DAW.

Each channel have his own sequencer + 2 or 3 modulation tracks, with 2 variations. This variations are very important for creating moving rythmic pattern and the panel B offer two kind of control : classic on/off, or momentary ... In fact the panel B is the central command to play this Drum machine Live ! FX, variation, mute, master... The basic for jam 's session !

You can also play with your keyboard or controller : note C1 to A1.

Specs :
Sound :
- 5 Niji Instruments modified : Kick, Snare, Clap, 2 HH, Tom.

Mix/FX :
- Level mixer, mute.
- Global filter LP and HP (in one knob) with resonance and ext envelope tracking.
- Saturation.
- Compression with make up gain.
- "Tilt-loud" style Eq.
- Sample rate reducer (core macro find in the euro reakt serie delay)

- 5 independent bento sequencer modified and clock sync to the Host.
- 2 or 3 Modulation track per instrument.
- 2 External sequencer with 2 (uni and bi) modulation "cv" out.
- Two variation for all of this, with "live" access on the panel B

You have in the download files one test ens. Its the snapshot i used for the mp3 audio example.



ralf pauli
3 weeks ago
Gibt es eine Bedienungsanleitung inklusive "wie füttere ich die FX Steps?"
edIT (Glitch Mob)
2 months ago
How do I sync this to a clock? i can't seem to get this to reset on the first step.
Claude S.
2 months ago
I wish the individual drums had panning capabilities (or did I miss this?). I really, really love this. Another improvement I'd make is a slightly larger interface for us with no so good eyes. :)
3 months ago
One of the best sounding drums synth even compared with comercials! Great work, than you!
3 months ago
Thank you Stewart !
Stewart Fernandez
3 months ago
Amazing update
3 months ago
ah ah
Philippe Loiseau
3 months ago
oh oh !
michael hordorwich
7 months ago
Awesome thank you!
Petty Vendetta
7 months ago
lovely little gem 'ere. Glad we checked in! THe pitch sequencing is a nice touch. We're writing melodies on 'er
7 months ago
V1.1 Note Very long process, take a lot of time to load, but fully functionnal !
Dieter Zobel
11 months ago
sonds good, looks good, thanks
Bob Swans
11 months ago
You are on fire at the moment. Everything you add to the UL looks and sounds amazing. Thank you!
11 months ago
Thanks a lot everyone !
Lewi Glenis
11 months ago
Very well thought out ensemble thanks a lot Studio10c!
Claude S.
11 months ago
This is a great piece of work, man!
11 months ago
This is very useful. It looks great too. Thank you.
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
Oui, le temps de chargement est long.. ceci dit, tu as process de 3km de haut :-) Encore bravo !
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
Oui, le temps de chargement est long.. ceci dit, tu as process de 3km de haut :-) Encore bravo !