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dark chaos beat machine

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September 03, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Humans of Earthbound Nature, listen with absolute attention.

your Dear Planet is in great peril, the final stages are closing in on a catastrophic and irreversible ecological collapse that will render your species extinct.

After months of intense deliberation Chaos representives Nopog, Dr Atomic and many other high level Galaktic Scientists with advanced A.I. systems. Together they have analyzed all latest data of Earth stats on your ecoligical systems, and have unanimously voted that immediate and urgent actions is needed.

They recomend Cannabilism of the Earth's Elite as now the only valid option.

...and with their ignorance they shall be boiled, grilled,baked, sizzled, pancaked and deep fried.

Fear not Terrans - The Forces of Chaos will assist , and will win outright.

Thanks for your cooperation, and Bon Appetit, Nopog.
(Any left overs...send them Nopog's way.)

A mega multi-way raging chaos machine, with probabiltiy toms and 300 tonnes of toxic nuclear anger!

8 chaos formulas are LPG plucked by 4 flip flopped clocks

signal is split to an SVF and an angry filter modded with formant and AA overdrive before onto an an 8pole filter and tone block.

signals get merged through a Barberpole and final out.

snaps are designed at 30bpm
Absurd high CPU - run at 33KHZ if overclock.

cheers to builders Brett, Andrew Aronson, and Hetrick!


2 years ago
no midi ins...
Andrew Madden
2 years ago
this is is absolutely amazing. cheers!!
James Campagnola
2 years ago
saw the recombinant festival last week in San Fran and it sounded like your well oiled rig..Big question (or small)- How do I pump midi into this machine. Something is triggering with an F but where's the midi in? Thanks, Caliente my man...
ankie pannenkoek
2 years ago
Bon Appetit, CAL.
3 years ago
sorry dude, it was such a great filter i felt compelled to ruin it ..but is this not the perfect ensemble to have on a CV?
andrew aronson
3 years ago
why would you give me a shout out? i've been plotting your demise for months! you must have known. damn it i want to be taken seriously
Frans Dijksman
3 years ago
A crazy terminator
3 years ago
WOW - one more clock than Pandoro: NI clock, midi clock and pata clock.
3 years ago
Ah - a VIP menue. Hello Cal!
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
welcome back :-)