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Boatman is Master of The Universe

Cybertech Drum Gen

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September 05, 2018
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


Boatman's Cybertech Drum Gen

If you've not heard already some Aliens on the West Coat of the Galaxy got A.I. first... his name is Walter Boatman and he is the new Master of the Universe.

A clicky double kik drum gen with some heavy grotesque accompaniment.
kik - snare - hats - cymbals
the kiks are on a lfo synced with 16 steps
the others are on a drum divider.
the kik and snare are output to HexaDriver and also trigger the mods of the filter to create low or high feedback lines. driver is on the mantis LFO
the snare's alien mode is not saved with snaps, switch on/off as needed
run clock for sequencer

snaps were designed at around 60bpm

a mix out + multi outs are included, although if using the multi's the levels will need regulated in a DAW. probably the hats will be a bit loud.

cheers to Andrew Aronson and Hetrick


Bryan Green
2 months ago
Absolutely brilliant.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
'S a beautiful thing, Cal Scott. I never know what's going to happen, but the results are almost uniformly musical. Kudos!
3 years ago
not at the moment - the hostings down for a few months while i develop my cyborg farm. most are junk and need some refinements before a U/L upload or else it will be 1 star city so no real precise date i'm afraid.
brent gibson
3 years ago
Is there a way to get your blocks?
3 years ago
sure Lewi , for now just remove the alien cymbal block, or run at 33khz.
Lewi Glenis
3 years ago
I'd love to try this but my CPU can't handle it and Reaktor freezes. Too many voices. Any suggestions? Mac OS X
3 years ago
Oh, a rack sys!