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Le Voleur (The Thief)

Steals the groove of any audio material...

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 08, 2018
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Le Voleur is based on an enveloppe follower. It picks a frequency slice from the input and apply the detected enveloppe to the synth engine. So the input signal will modulate the synth amplitude, pitch and filter.

For demo purpose, a beat loop is included to experiment and listen to the presets.

But Le Voleur should be used as an effect.
Just switch on the "exterieur" button to feed le Voleur with your own material.

Le Voleur will convert any audio loop (or any sound with transients) into something else, preserving the original groove. Applied to a drum machine beat, le Voleur can produce interesting results too, especially if you automate some parameters.

Use the "vie" knob to add some unstability.

Knobs are labeled in french, par coquetterie, but you can use the "show hint" option to get some info in english, even if most controllers are are obvious.

How to use it:

Use it as an effect on a rythmic track.
"Exterieur" must be switched on so the internal sampler will be by-passed.

Select a frequency slice using the "tranche" knob.
Higher frequency will generate a sharper enveloppe.
(Set the gate threshold to minimum to ensure audio will pass thru it.
Then, you can adjust it to take off low level transients if you wish to.)

Use the "gain" to adjust the enveloppe amplitude (the blue meter must dance).

Adjust the Release in order to get a choppy to smooth enveloppe.

Then, experiment with the synth engine to shape the sound...

This ensemble is not so spectacular, but may be useful to generate some rythmic material for any kind of music.

I hope you'll enjoy...


1 year ago
Awesome !!! C'est une effet tout à fait excellent, merci infiniment.
erwan thomas
1 year ago
a voté ;) awesome ensemble !!!
1 year ago
Laurent are you in past time part of Azertopia?
Laurent Veliscek
1 year ago
Hi philippe, I live near Paris France.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
small curiosity as there is almost never french writ ten stuff here :-) french or canadian or ... ?
Lewi Glenis
1 year ago
This is really brilliant–seriously!
1 year ago
Jump envelope is a special function in NI Absynth for drum sample loops. I test your ens. You don't need this Absynth function. Superp!
Laurent Veliscek
1 year ago
Hi Paule, I'm not sure to understand your question. Le Voleur extracts the input signal enveloppe. What I like is that such enveloppes are more "organic" than any enveloppe you may draw. What you mean by a "jump enveloppe" ?
1 year ago
Do you can realize the jump envelope like in Absynth?
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Well, thank you, this is very interesting...