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Aero Filtr

The Aerobus Filter. 2 Poles LP/HP with pre-fixed resonance

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V1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
October 11, 2018
Reaktor 6


v1.0 11/18

I worked on this filter for the version 2 of Aerobus. The idea was to have a filter with a pre-fixed resonance (you can disabled this option if you want) so i use two TSK 1 pole, the first have the PFR option, the second, the traditionnal resonance. Finally the Aero Filtr is just the result of a lot "happy errors"... So forgive me if the connections in core structure seems a little weird :)

This filter have a strong character, and you can achieve different filtering's colors with the PFR and a little bit of modulation to the "Typ" knob for example.
At maximum setting the resonance "sing" and you can easily use the filter like a sine oscillator with Util Note In connect to the "pitch" input.
You can connect an enveloppe generator to the "env" input.
The filter use his own output as frequency modulation signal. This option can offer dirty but interresting sounds.
Additionnal controls for the input (for saturate the filter) and output level and dry/wet mix.

Bonne musique à tous !


2 years ago
Nice grip! The resonance works very well, especially on samples. Something that is quite hard to find on software Filters. Definetly one of my go to Filters to use in Maschine. Thanks a lot!