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Steps of Chance

Weighted probability sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 11 months ago)
October 17, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Weighted random and probability based sequencer.

The 3 upper sequencer lines define the weighted probability of a sound selection among 3 different possibilities.

The lower sequencer line defines per-note chance.

3 different scenes with different contents are definable and allow further timed sequencing through the ABC sequencer.

Some knobs and coding snippets grabbed from Dieter Zobels Sekwarium III:

Lazyfish' Newscool synthesis engine is added and MIDIfied to your convenience, as a test synth for your sequences. Nevertheless, Steps of Chance is a MIDI sequencer, so you can plug it to your engine of choice.

Have fun!
(And I'll be happy to hear what you do with it...)

Santiago Vilanova


lesly remy
3 months ago
Is this like the probability feature on the Octatrak?
Thomas Alenfors
5 months ago
Really love your work!!
ilias boufidis
7 months ago
thank you!
Catman Dude
10 months ago
This baby is wonderful. Love that you gave the user enough hooks to feel as if we might be able to control it a bit. One way to do that is using Bank1 of NWSCL, which had 2 snaps in it. Bank 1 doesn't get randomized as much as Bank 2, making it possible to add some snaps from Bank2 and hang out on some of Lazyfish's sounds; and then go back to Bank2 for maximum delightful Crazyfish. Fantastic understanding of probabilities and random in this!
Giorgio Inzaghi
11 months ago
Felix Petrescu
11 months ago
fantastic:) thanks Santi!!!
marco vicari
11 months ago
Whow! Thank you so much!
11 months ago
There it is - thanks Playmodes.
Eduard Rojas
11 months ago
Brutal! Instant tech!