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Old school equalizer.

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V1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
November 06, 2018
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Abbey v1.0 november 2018

Abbey is a complete "old school" equalizer, based on the frequency response of a beautifull channel strip plugin that I used a lot.

Originaly, this plugin reproduce the sound of old british consoles used in EMI studio, and some modified version, "homebrew", with harmonic distortion, equalizer, compression, preamps...

The idea of Abbey is to use the neutrality of core equalizers, for create an eq with an "old school" workflow. No distortion in the process, or exotic stuff.
Only the frequency range, gain and variable bandwith are reproduce.
All measures are made in 96khz, with different spectrum analyzers.

The result is a complete equalizer very efficient on different audio source : instrument, final mix, blocks patch etc, with a very musical approach.

Abbey have the block size but not the AB mods... not very interresting. It's an eq !

Use Abbey in final stage of your blocks patch, it's my advice :)

If you need screen space, use the panel B, it's a simplified view.

Enjoy !

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Damon Krause
4 months ago
All of your EQs are fantastic. Thanks
Artem Moroz
1 year ago
Thank You!
2 years ago
can't wait ! ;)
2 years ago
Hi Dom, thanks for your comment ! For the Q, why not ! but for now i'm working on a new project, and the rs 127 and abbey will be update in the same time : i prepare an EQ pack, based on the reproduction of real analog hardware eq : an SPL Channel One, Boss GE10 of 1982, a Midas XL42, Amek 9098... The concept will be the same, i just copy with a new process the frequency response of each original equalizer an also the preamp gain,trim, clipping etc, to recreate the "oldschool" workflow. So stay in tune if you like equalizer !
2 years ago
guy! this is ssooooo good! especially: how you managed to make that cpu efficacy! Is this now replacing your "Micro RS127" ? and .. is it possible to implement Q's as an option? BIG UUPS! special thanks!
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Un peu décontenancé au départ par la hauteur singulière du Block, on comprend après l'utilité pour les tool tips. Mais j'ai rajouté en View A les crédits de la View B. Ca me gêne moins visuellement ;-) Félicitations en tout cas !