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Stremel 5.2 - Wave Slot Player

Dedicated to Philippe Loiseau, Cal Scott, Catman Dude David

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5.2 (Updated 4 months ago)
November 21, 2018
Reaktor 6


Start the clock, choice a snapshot and wait for Stremel generate events.

Inspired by Scapes Wizard (HG Fortune 2011)

Section 1/ 2 (A), upper two slots, contains samples in three banks and section 3/ 4 (B), lower two slots also. Volume and shading forms the basic sound filtered by 24 dB HP/ BP/ LP - mod by the Contour Generators. Seq speed with clock divisor. Seven directions. Sec A and B send to fx and mix with A/ B section. Limiter and AutoM @Snap# at the end of the chain. Pan controls with Pandom motion, Brickwall Limiter and fade on stop.

If seq reaching the first step (logic zero) the next step changes the sample and bank settings for this slot.

768 looped samples
1536 one shot samples

Dietrich Pank, Jörg Holzamer, Jan Brähler, Colin Brown, Stephan Becker, Martijn Zwartjes, Thala Estra, Dieter Zobel, Bradley Gray, Jonathan Style, Kristian Thom, Philippe Loiseau, Jonathan Tremblay, Brett Lavallee, Herwig Krass, Z Gabr.

Snapshots for demonstration only. Create your own to produce ambient in your musical tracks.


4 months ago
Use the contour generator (yellow areas) with the fader on the right side. If you want to draw new lines you can do that - but it isn't necessary to get sound out of the generator.
4 months ago
I was reviewing what I have in my R6 installation and I realized there is also Temporary Shading Maze 4, and this one has a good documentation. I think there are some answers there, I'll ask again if I cannot figure out.
4 months ago
Very good! I think I understand the basics but I cannot figure out the use for the yellow areas saying "draw a spectrum" when you hover the mouse over them. I cannot see any difference when I draw a "spectrum" with full zero or full amplitude or some trivial LP /HP filtering. Also Delay section doesn't seem to be working. Is this work under progress? Anyway I am amazed the kind of things that can be done and you've done with reaktor! Thanks!
Catman Dude
4 months ago
Scapes and Scrapes of cavernous Infinities! And an update! Lovely. Someday soon my downloading will finish, I'm sure! ;-)
Martin Blasko
4 months ago
Cannot be bothered to buy Straylight? This will do just fine :)
4 months ago
Exchange the Knee Limiter to Z Gabr's Brickwall Limiter. WOW what a clear sound.
Philippe Loiseau
5 months ago
Nice demos !
Thierry Kitusai
5 months ago
very intriguing and musical atmospheres, thank you for sharing!
Philippe Loiseau
5 months ago
Hey thanks Paule ;-)
9 months ago
Unpack the zip then unpack the 7zip. If 7zip is aloud here double pack on largerger files isn't necessary. rar is bigger than 7zip
Christian Keller
10 months ago
there is no ens. file in the ZIP, can you upload it again ?
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
very nice soundscapes here, thank you Paule.
marco vicari
1 year ago
great work. good for bizarre soundscapes.