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Razor Sharp Oscillator

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November 22, 2018
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Dagger is a dual oscillator I designed to have a clean, "sharp" tone.

It achieves this by using a single knob for both of the generator's pulse width parameters, giving the two waves a coherent shape, regardless of the setting.

A ring modulated mix is summed with the output, adding complexity to the sound. The carrier and modulator can be decided using the knife button.

Two LFOs are provided, each with controls for rate, jitter, and level. LFO A modulates the pitch of Oscillator A, and LFO B modulates the pitch of Oscillator B.

Extra features include OSC / LFO reset, an FM effect for each generator, and a tuning spread parameter. Alternate outs for various audio and modulation sources are included, so customized mixes can be achieved.

Dagger was previously available in my Blocks pack, but it needed major error fixes. Feel free to replace the old version with this improved one.

I have also included a low CPU version of the Block which does not use oversampling.

Thank you to Michael Hetrick for the analog-modeled diode ring effect, and to Benjamin Poddig for the waveform generator designs.


Catman Dude
1 year ago
Thanks, Brett, for the low CPU version. My Macbook Pro will appreciate this as the ensembles get more complicated. And many thanks for all your inspiring, musically thoughtful work!
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Always nice to have low CPU options... Thank you.
1 year ago
I forgot to mention, the audio path is 8x oversampled. I have now included a low CPU version as well that forgoes this processing. Thanks for the helpful feedback, and I'm glad you're enjoying Dagger!
Catman Dude
1 year ago
I love this oscillator! Sharp and spicy. Speaking of spice, it likes to eat cpu for breakfast, but obviously for good reason. Thanks for sharing this terrific work!