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Dr Geiger's Random Kik System

Feat. Isotellus Rex

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December 15, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Dr Geiger - The most EVIL villan on the Planet
His Goal - To Pulverize your dreams with Mind Control

Stand back and gasp as he unleashes the dreaded ISOTELLUS REX

I-Rex demands a heavy percussive soundtrack as he eats all the humans alive!

Featuring.... IsoTellus Rex
Heavy Double Kiks
Dual Gates
Dual Staged Saturation/Overdrive
Maccinated Noise Layer
Dual Origin Waveshapers
Auto Pata EQ
Random + Morph Pad
low cpu - maximum oomph

Kik 1 is the top end layer
Kik 2 is a lower end layer

It can be used as either 2 single kiks, or 1 dual layer kik.
Most parameters are shared controls, except the waveshapers, which can shape the 2 kiks seperately.

The kiks are triggered by Dr Geiger internally, but they can also be triggered by 1or2 clocks or other gate signal externally, when this is done they will be added together.

Isotellus Rex can be used manually, Daw automated, or when activated a slow random signal controls him.

Thanks to Niji Kik, Geiger macro by Deitrich Prank, Pata EQ from Paule.


Tamara Stanley
3 weeks ago
HaHaHa!!!! Can't Stop downloading...this is gonna be so much fun...
Ariel Kenan
5 months ago
Coolest example track
Richard Figone
5 months ago
Chris Paider
8 months ago
Philippe Loiseau
8 months ago
8 months ago
Ermh! What's about your harem?
8 months ago
Thanks Cal!