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Cliffhanger 1.6

a sequenced mod of Capricorn

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1.6 (Updated 8 months ago)
January 05, 2019
Reaktor 6


based on version four of
Capricorn by Jonathan Style

Start the Clock or LFO 3 will not work.

Capricorn 2008

I haven't built a synthesizer for a long time so I thought it might be fun to build one on the way of out of 2008 only to find out how rusty I am at it. For whatever it's worth here it is. I have done by best to optimize everything but it is still a bit heavy on the CPU when the FX's are active.

The synthesizer is basically a 2 OSC subtractive, or in other words nothing special. Each osc has a selection of waveforms and 1 sub osc. There is a standard 12/24dB multimode filter and the amp can be configured to work with envelope 2 or a pre-configured envelope that I have called 'Gate'. The FX section has a saturation unit, delay (a modified version of stereo tap delay from the R5 library), and reverb (a slightly modified version of micro-space from the R5 library).

Panel A & B offer various ways of controlling aspects of the synthesizer. Panel A is the main set of control for designing a sound. Panel B is a short cut page with limited controls; however it has four assignable controls that you can program. I did not program the assignable controls as such assignments are dependant on the equipment that one uses.

I was only able to do 27 snapshots for the synthesizer, yet it is fairly straight forward bread & butter type stuff so it is easy to program a snapshot if the sound of the synth is appealing to you.

Happy New Year and I hope the synth works!


Cliffhanger a mod of Capricorn

Pandom by Dieter Zobel
Rob by Native Instruments
basic snaps by Jonathan, Don & Paule
dc-offset filter by Don & Colin
automute @Snap# by Dietrich Pank
start the sequencer logo by Thala Estra
chord dispersion by Laureano López
fade on stop by Philippe Loiseau
midi remote 4 by Paule
black switches by OreKore
DynaLim by NI
bender by Paule

Demo with Illusions of Sound and Silhouettes.


Brett Lavallee
8 months ago
Nice. thanks Paule
8 months ago
Now it sounds a bit like OreKore synths.
1 year ago
It's very easy: press the space bar
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
@shelby : start the clock
1 year ago
shelby, what sounds - it isn't a sampler
shelby wilson
1 year ago
sounds won't load
2 years ago
Bryan, made by Jonathan Style. He left Reaktor some years ago
Bryan Lake
2 years ago
Awesome sounding synth! I'm curious to know more about it!