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Six MiniSek

Chainable 4-stage value sequencer

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0.9 (Updated 2 years ago)
January 06, 2019
Reaktor 6


Four stages, position indicated by lamps on right. Bottom right is manual reset switch to jump back to first position, above that is a switch to limit run to 3-stages. Can be chained one ofter another to create longer sequences or even branches.

I/O explained:
- Clock: should be connected to clock source for the first in the chain, for subsequents, it should be connected to Clock Out from previous block (it's ok to process the clock in between /Six Chance or Six MiniTrig).
- Reset: for the first in line it should be connected to Reset output from last block in the chain (if loop is needed), for others it should be linked one after another.
- In/Out: current stage value, last module will take over previous if In/Outs are inter-connected and several stages are active at the same time.
- Gate/Gate Out: gate/trig is sent when stage is changed - the point was to have easy access to gate situation if several dividers are used between multiple MiniSek blocks.

Note: when patching with clock running, you will need to manually reset the first MiniSek to start the sequence. By reseting in several times, you can get multiple runs going on at the same time.