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Noise maker

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Version (Updated 2 years ago)
January 08, 2019
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


What is G.T.A.Y.N?
This is a Monophonic Noise Generator Patch made in Reaktor Blocks using 3 awesome sound generators by Colugo. Each generator has it's own dual clocked S&H modulation sources which also are available to the generators filter and each filter uses a share FM source. The filters are all the ones from Monark and can distort quite nicely depending on what you want.

The modulation is driven by a single master clock source, and then that's sent into a clock divider and each of the gated outputs are sent to each of the generators S&Hs.

Gate 1 is sent to (Yang & FilterFM S&H A)
Gate 2 is sent to (Yang & FilterFM S&H B) and so on

There isn't anything to really "Play" as the patch is generative and just creates noise. A single delay is added to the mix if you need it, and could be swapped to any other FX block if you want. Each generator is connected to a 4 channel Mixer so you can mix the sounds however you see fit.


- Cleaned up the patch a bit, now the Filters use one shared FM source.
- Organized the layout a bit better in the editor
- Added a few new presets.


Anders Arensbach
2 years ago
that is a awesome noise generator great for sound designers
Hayden Williams
2 years ago
@Adam Karawt "There isn't anything to really "Play" as the patch is generative and just creates noise."
Adam Karawt
2 years ago
How to create vst sounds??