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gritty VA synth based on a modern classic

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January 16, 2019
Reaktor 6


This is based upon a very popular 2000s era micro synthesizer and it's bigger brother. I've already released the oscillator as a Block, in the form of the MK2K series. Obviously this version has it's own differences, and the project dates back to Reaktor 5 days.
It expands upon the original hardware with 6 voices and many more modulation sources and destinations. There is also a sequencer, and the arpeggiator has gained ties and octave jump steps (in addition to the sequencer being able to control pitch!).
The Digi wave forgoes the wave cycle playback approach in favour of a pseudo-randomised four op FM synthesizer, parameters derived from the individual bits of the single knob control's 7 bit integer value. This is probably a waste of CPU, so I apologise, but the plugin actually seems very lightweight! I've had 20 instances on my 2012 MacBook pro in a project without a hiccup.

I'm uploading this now because I've been using it live and in the studio with no problems, and I'm looking to move on to a Core based implementation with a much closer attention to cloning the original hardware's parameter responses.

There are some bits cobbled together from various user library contributions - notably the vocal wave and the original basis for the arpeggiator and other voice assignment parts.

- Some of the knobs in the FX section probably need smoothing
- Using ties in the arpeggiator with a poly arpeggio mode will result in hanging notes.


hendrik schmidt
1 month ago
lush 5th awesome pad
hendrik schmidt
1 month ago
megapad, i had to searching for a long time, thank you
Jason Foster
6 months ago
Thank you for your hard work. It sounds amazing.
7 months ago
This is really impressive. Oozing quality and professionalism. Very humbling...
9 months ago
And soooo many snapshots
Bruno Fischer
9 months ago
Amazing. Well done!
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
Nice one !
John Smith
9 months ago
Very nice, I went and downloaded several of your old synths as well :-D
Bradley Gray
9 months ago
I should add that I am very happy with the 'Analog' drift emulator on this synth. It uses very slow intermodulation LFOs and affects pitch of both oscillators, filter cutoff, AND envelope parameters, which can make for some massive sounds. So much so that I didn't feel it necessary to include a unison detune parameter...
9 months ago
morkly greetings and thank you