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sound scapes - partly rhythmic

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January 26, 2019
Reaktor 6


inspired by AlioNoctis by HG Fortune

Chaoises series

choice a snapshot, start the clock and wait for generating events = endless scapes …
A quick start is #057 Sharl

Generator, ARP, MIDI Remote and 4FX.

Start Sequencer logo by Thala Estra
Pandom by Dieter Zobel
FX by Martin Brinkmann
Microtunes by Noel Burgess
Endless spin by laZyfiSh
Sharl by Paulôt
Mono arpeggiator from R3 Juno with poly MIDI
Wheel mod from AmbieGarde Pro
AutoM @Snap# by Dietrich Pank
Fade on Stop by Philippe Loiseau
dc-offset by Colin Brown/ Don Philipps
4FX by Martijn Zwartjes
Velocity Curve by Jonathan Leonard
Brickwall Limiter by Artem Avagimov (Z Gabr)

33 snapshots kindly done by Philippe Loiseau

be in a good mood

MIDI Remote give the basic note to MIDI mono arpeggiator driving ChaoSharl to sounds; 4FX transforms to ambiences

change after response logic zero (charlz speak like in french) one step from the first pos (logic zero) in to another step creates an event to a lazy button.
Destinations are direction, pitch, clock divisor, velocity in MIDI remote; the three sample slots and Step Source in ChaoSharl.

More: use info hints (Alt+I) and move the mouse to a panel element to read the infos.

Demos: ChaoSharl, pandoro and Stremel


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what an insane machine
1 year ago
In Reaktor Forum is a thread about this theme:
1 year ago
Philippe Loiseau test it on his mac in standalone. 45 min with no problems. I don't own Ableton Live. Try to use it in standalone and check your Ableton connections please.
Michael Morris
1 year ago
So tried it again and it looked like it was about to freeze again, but this time I closed the Reaktor synth window, but then noticed that it had loaded it this time. And it played one. Seems there is something happening when loading it. using MAC
Michael Morris
1 year ago
perhaps a coincidence but Reaktor froze for a bit when I tried to load this instrument, then wouldn't allow me to load any other Reaktor instruments, was through Ableton Live. will try again later and report back if a different result.
Ryan Meursing
1 year ago
Played P.T. today on my PS4. This plugin fits perfectly.