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Vision Machine Rev 2

3 Osc Synth with FX rack

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January 27, 2019
Reaktor 6


Vision Machine rev 2

 is a simple 3 osc subtractive synth that I have built by doing the ASDR tutorials on the Internet (and several other tutorials) to build a simple synth. So this is basically that synth plus a few extras. It is my first synth I made and this is the second version of it with added extra’s.

The special shine is added by the Fx section. with Chorus, Reverb, Saturation/Distortion and Delay Especially the Reverb that I borrowed from another excellent Synth in the Library called Fluffy by Paul Woordroffe. You can download Fluffy here:

Synth can be fully automated in sequencer.


- Salamander Anagram for his many tutorials
- All other Tutorial makers on Youtube and the Internet
- Full credits for the Reverb and VU meter Graphics go to Paul Woodroffe and his excellent Fluffy Synth. You can download it here:
- Arachnaut for his Reaktor Builder Macro’s. I used some Effects in the Vision Rack that is part of this synth.
- Author of 2-OSC for LFO section

Snapshot, ideas and Sound design:

Jeroen Arends aka P.A. Groove/Blurred Vison


Vision Machine Rev 2 (revision 2) comes with 128 snapshots.

Guide for the codes used in the snapshots:

BA= Bass sound
LD= Lead Sound
PD= Pad Sound
FX= Effect Sound
OV= Organ ‘like’ Voice
SQ= Sequence element this means that you have to use this appregiated or Tempo Synced to get the most from it

Warning in advance when switching between snapshots: Always mix sensible and keep the down volumes and then bring it back in. I tried my best to balance the volume as much as I could.

About the DEMOSONG:

Song Title: A new Vision, copyright J.Arends 2019,

NO external effects used EXCEPT EQ the main bus (stock Logic Pro X with only Hi-pass to filter low frequencies off) and a Waves L2 Ultramaximizer.
On the Drum bus I used the soon to be release stand alone Vision Rack and a stock Logic Pro X EQ (also with a Hi-pass filter). Drums from Logic Pro X.

The rest of the sounds are unfiltered out of this synth.

Rev 2 specifications.

Output stage:

- 3 Voice modes

- Poly
- Mono 
- Unsion (although it should be called mono Unison)

- Spread knob that well spreads ;) and gives other interesting artefacts in the other modes.

- Pitch bend with Pitch Bend Range Selector
- VU Meter (Graphics by Paul WoodRoffe)

Oscillator Section:

-3 Oscillators with:

- Saw, Triangle, Pulse and Noise with
- Waveshape selector to morph between the waves

- Variable Pulse Witdh
- Coarse and Fine tuning
- Edge (*added in Rev 2). Basically this is a 4 pole LPF filter without resonance) to soften the Waveform.

Filter Section found for example in hardware synths like the Yamaha AN1x

Serial Filter path

-1 pole HP filter>

- Multimode 4 pole filter with LP 4, BF4 and HP2 modes. With Filter Track and own FEG.
- Can be bypassed>

- 24 DB filter with embedded LFO (bipolar -128 to 128 rate), With and FEG

LFO Section

Borrowed from 2-OSC but destinations adapted for this synth

LFO 1:

-LFO 1 Rate : (BUG) Rate actually goes from zero to 256 (almost audio rate) but it wrongly displays -128/128 but the LFO itself works
- LFO waveforms: Puls, Tri, Sin, S&H and Brown

LFO 1 destinations:

- 01P= OSC 1 Pitch,
- 02P OSC pitch with selectable pitch mod ranges of 0.1, 1, 12, 24 and 48
- PWM of OSC 1, 2 and 3
- 24 DB filter mod (so this actually an be modulated by 2 LFO’s of the same time)
- LFO Tempo Sync

LFO 2:

- LFO 1 Rate : (BUG) Rate actually goes from zero to 256 (almost audio rate) but it wrongly displays -128/128 but the LFO itself works
- LFO waveforms: Puls, Tri, Sin, S&H and Brown
LFO 2 destinations:

- HPF-M (modulation of the Hi-Pass Filter)
- 03P= Osc 3 pitch with selectable pitch mod ranges of 0.1, 1, 12, 24 and 48
- ADSR-RM= Modulation of the ADSR Section
- F-LFO-R= Modulation for LFO rate for 24 DB filer so you can modulate the LFO Rate with another LFO (gives some weirdness)
- LFO Tempo Sync

Vision Rack (FX Section)

Color me rack:

Overdrive and Distortion Circuit > rb-phaser and Flanger> Output goes into Delay Liner Rack unit:

Delay Liner rack:

rb_delay-Infinite (carefully with the feedback)> Dubroom Delay RB-Delay> Feedback Delay> Output goes into Fat space rack:

FAT Space rack:

Chorus> Fluffy Reverb> 3 band EQ

Kown Bugs:

- Mono Mode is not working as I want and doen’t have all the features I wanted and gives some weird reset like thing that I now accepts a quick but you can try go fixing this if you like
- sometimes Reaktor can hang some notes. If you noice this then first select the init
patch while you set the volume low and if this isn’t helping then select another synth and then place this synth back.

Have fun!

J.Arends, Rotterdam (2019)