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Is-qui Mini Gen 1.1


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1.1 (Updated 10 months ago)
January 28, 2019
Reaktor 6


Just another Synth


Jeroen Arends
10 months ago
Sadly crashes Reaktor also here. In both Logic Pro X and Reaktor standalone. A pity it looked fun.
Jonathan Stubbs
10 months ago
No crash issues here. It opens and runs fine in Reaktor 6. (Won't open with Reaktor 5, obviously). Lots of fun and interesting tones coming from the presets. I don't understand it yet, but it's intriguing. This ones a keeper.
Petty Vendetta
10 months ago
nothin' but GOODNESS
Petty Vendetta
10 months ago
go ahead...hit the random button
Petty Vendetta
10 months ago
shut up- this thing's the BALLS
10 months ago
Real good, funny / scary!
michael o'hagan
10 months ago
This synth crashes reaktor on open every time I try and open it.