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SoftKnee Old-Style

Dual-Mono Mastering Limiter with Sum/Difference & Oversat

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January 29, 2019
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A bright, smooth, old-fashioned limiter with effortless gain regulation, dual controls and a range of set-up modes.
Two views; View A for basic 2 channel use & View B for full dual operation.

No ratio control as such; inspired by the old bits of hardware; 2 options – slow & soft or hard & fast. Approx 2 or 20:1, or in v-mu setting the ratio & detector settings vary with input level.

Excellent stereo field control and input/output metering for easy gain comparison.
Dual Mono, Stereo or Mid/Side operation with versatile controls/link options and 2 sidechain link settings, each with a very different flavour.

User friendly Hold control balances gain with threshold keeping output relatively constant:
Separate threshold for tweaking & input/output pads for additional gain control.
If you cant get used to it change the constant in the instrument macro to 1: Hold will have no effect on gain reduction & becomes a basic Output gain (unity switches from zero to 12 O'clock).

There's the odd glitch - if the detector stops working properly (i.e. inconsistent limiting) reset instrument