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Diadem of Alien Wizardry II

Alien Jazz Band from Yi'Bos

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March 13, 2019
Reaktor 6


Exciting new other wordly with hyper advanced Alien technology!

This new Diadem is very different from V1 so its a new upload. V1 remains here:

Welcome Terrans!
This new pulsing green machine from Yi'bos is now modifed to be compatible with human's...

The coder Wizards of Yi'bos have been formulating another 2 stunning Chaos Blocks Alien Ikeda and the newly discovered CAC CHAOS with special minerals inside.

Its forged from a rare form of green granite only found on 1 mountain on their mysterious Planet.

Note the first patch is labelled rev engine first -
its important to run this snap for a while, it sounds not that good, but its to get the chaos motor running properly, if not clocked fast with this patch, the CAC block will not be heard for several minutes.

+ Alien IKDEA Engine
+ Dual Quantized Logical Chaos Modulation System
+ Random + GEN mode + presets
+ Alien Drummer
+ Logistic Chaos Pings the LPG
+ Wave shapers + Reverb

much thanks to Michael Hetrick's for the EuroReakt Collection's chaos blocks


2 years ago
Thanks NI
Shaun Chen
2 years ago
Donghyun Kim
2 years ago
Claudio Ferreira
2 years ago
Thanks a lot!
2 years ago
great !
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Ah this is gorgeous, Cal! Can't wait to get inside it! 5 *
2 years ago
marvelous news you Earthbound terrans enjoy, maybe there is hope for your species after all! yes Greg - the 3 chaos blocks each have a FREQ control for the speed. the ikeda block FREQ = drums speed, the logistic chaos will also ping the drums on the LPG, so a combo. The clock itself will only effect the machine if the Ikeda block has the CLOCK VCA switched on. otherwise it does nothing. When its on, the drums and some of the music will be gated. This is an interseting area you could experiment with adding in a second clock or a divider. planning one update to make the waveshaper part less unweildly and some multiouts,maybe 2nd clock etc.. Depending on CPU, i might try reintroducing the combfilter or the Alien Intel , as they have a good designs in the original. But adding in a Mod B will push up CPU too far i think. One confusing part is the Ikeda Mod A running on an auto, its speed is controlled by the FREQ, at very low speeds, also the modulations slows down, and vice versa. Next version will have some options for this Mod A, like its own speed and a switch between ext/internal Mod A. stay tuned.. stay jazzy
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
This is so great, very melodic to me! What's the best way to change the overall speed. Clock doesn't seem to affect anything. Thank you!
Brett Lavallee
2 years ago
2 years ago
Greetings from Qhidrine Bisath on Stremel 4.
2 years ago
there is a 2nd demo added now called 'diadem jam iii' this is a recording of snap 2 running on its own. This 2nd snap should sound like this after you have revved the engine, if not rev it more on snap1 again!