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Simple Low/High Utility

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1.1 (Updated 1 week ago)
March 21, 2019
Reaktor 6


Nothing fancy, but a utility I use all the time.

Peak-Keep is a simple monitoring macro that allows to see what the highest and lowest values of a given input are. Also contains external reset triggering, for whatever purpose.

- - v.1.1 - -
Fixed a small INIT bug that would prevent low values that aren't negative from instantly getting detected.
I have also added High/Low outputs to allow for whatever further analyzing/processing you wish.

Made By
Jonathan Tremblay

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oh ok
3 days ago
see mouse over won't always work. without your module how could this job get done in an earlier version of reaktor? it should be available.
oh ok
3 days ago
that's a really good idea to use it for. do you still have a copy of 5 installed you can remake it in? i'm stuck on version 6.0. can you think of any other reasons to use it other than what we both described? if used in an interation maybe it could be used to simulate compressed graphics by scanning regions on a grid over the image. do you wonder, maybe using the word used twice in a small amount of words to express a technical idea as a convention put novel reads off of computer science?
Jonathan Tremblay
4 days ago
no idea, I just made this because I couldn't find a version somewhere and I like the stability. I mainly use this for seeing the range of ramp oscillators at various frequencies, checking oscillators, counters, etc.
oh ok
5 days ago
yeah, i'm having to use an x/y with the fade time set to 100 to get my high and low values, using the crosshair to get the values the best i can. and i'm translating a large number of chaotic oscillators, dozens. is there another module that does this?
Jonathan Tremblay
5 days ago
oh ok
5 days ago
proof of hidden modules in 6.3. when translated word for word to an earlier version it does not work.
Jonathan Tremblay
1 week ago
RocktorT Alexander
2 weeks ago
Thank you very much! I did not find another module that determines the maximum value of the signal.