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patch and play example synth

An example of patch and play when applied to non racks stuff

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0.117 (Updated 1 year ago)
April 11, 2019
Reaktor 6


Patch and Play is cool, but along with the positives, there are negatives.
This synth goes some way to highlighting both positives and negatives.

After developing it and playing with it for a while, I found that the biggest issue for me is that during development, when you make a change, it is important to test that change with different patches/snapshots to really discover if it was a good change - if it introduces unexpected bugs or performance issues etc. With patch and play, this becomes practically impossible because due to the lack of a patch saving mechanism, every patch needs to be rebuilt from scratch to test it.

Similarly a user who after a few months developing a library of sounds using a patch and play based synth, might still want to use those sounds when a new version of that synth is released. Oh dear - not possible. At least not in 'ensemble' mode.

So yeah, have fun with this, but when I release the next version, don't hassle me because you can't transfer patches you made with this version (and saved as new copies of the instrument or ensemble).


Moshe Banano
1 year ago
hi colin, this looks cool, how do I get to edit the patch layout?, I cant find it as if its part of the macros? also NI find it to be nice thing to lock all the blocks? what is going on here??
Colin Brown
1 year ago
Hi Paule, you just have to save a new version of the ensemble when you create a new patch - That's the new Reaktor patch system - just save multiple instances of the whole ensemble (Don't forget to buy a petabyte hard drive to store all those patches ;))
1 year ago
Colin, how do you save the settings? There is no snapshot inclusive in Properties. Info and View only.
Dirk Wallinger
1 year ago
Der Grundgedanke,seitens NI ist gut. Dennoch stellen sich Probleme auf,beim Markieren der "wires" und dem "delete wires"! Es werden nicht nur die Patch-Kabel gelöscht,sondern auch die "inneren". D.h.: ALLE Verbindungen; Regler,Knöpfe,Konstanten werden mit gelöscht,seitens der inneren Verbindung.
1 year ago
Missing in R6.3: double click on ensemble file open an empty R6. no pdf documents for Blocks Base and Blocks Primes. R6 folder Documents is empty also. The online document is a joke, isn't it?
Colin Brown
1 year ago
Yes Jonathan, the lack of patch saving completely breaks patch and play. What I wanted to do was find out how good it would be if it wasn't broken - and it really is amazing to work this way. The flexibility and sound design power that is available from a simple hacked together example would take months of work to achieve from a non patch and play Reaktor synth. Which makes it even more frustrating and disappointing. But also important to highlight it for those that don't build stuff themselves.
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
I had made a modular polyphonic ensemble synth too, but once I realized that you can't save the patches, I quickly gave up.