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The Opening.....

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April 15, 2019
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


Welcome Terrans. the greatest chaos machine on Earth...but only until Nopog unleashed his Vile Chaos.

In the beginning there were Chaos Gens. Then immediately Gia from the lovely bosom of Rezobabe, forever sure of all things and then Eros, the most beautiful among the immortal gods, and all modular producers tamed by the breasts.

And in this Chaos, the earth, Gia, destined to host every living being and a few aliens. Eros, the divinity, initiates the modular generation.

Plato and Aristotle, would not doubt. It Is the force that governs the cosmos in front of which we must stop and reflect.

Chaos a principle that manifests its strangeness and superiority over everything that follows

We have to take chaos into our minds, and look at the Chaos of the Ancients. The term originates from the root of the verb 'chàsko' which means to open.
The noun that derives from this – chàsma – therefore means opening or abyss...

We must abandon ourselves to the abyss of infinite Chaos itself, and continue to observe its beauty.

oops.sorry about that.... my antenna just malfunctioned.

Several of the chaos types have been exchanged from Op7 origianl. so it now features Latoo-Carf formula elevating to an even higher plane.

one of the most infinite chaos gens ever. and its the most cpu efficient chaos band to date ..just 70%

6 clocks, a 5 piece drum kit, 6 oscillators, 2 filters, overdrive and reverb.

4 channels of chaos one from the OP7 and 1 from the the turing

The turing is an out from the clock that feeds the monark osc and the blue feedback filter
tring to ride the feedback sweetspot with the frequency and intensity is the trick here.
riff machine features here . it has an out from the clock and feeds the fm of the turing monark osc.

Setting precise snaps is tricky with this ensemble.
It really is generative so these really fine tunings of mod sliders of the feedback filter sometimes get lost next time you go back.

Then the OP7 chaos block has 4 chaos outs each with an osc, they all go to the lpg which is plucked by the drumkit when the LPG is closed... and when it is open it will be gate dby the clock giving 2 different rythmical possibilties.

note this LPG cutoff does not open all the way and several other parameters are cutshort from the max to enable better auto operation and mutation and randomization in this chaos band setting.

(If taking this or other blocks with a reduced range into another ensemble these reductions may be undesired, but its very easy to undo this mod, in edit mode set the control back to 1.)

after the feedback filter the OP7 into the black Fu-Xi overdrive.
This Fu-Xi drive is yet again a different version, no filter just more grungy waveshaping, folding and feedback.

Last into the reverb, this is rounds with a strong delay.

There is mutation feature - 9 blocks will periodically randomise at different times ,
at the strength set by the global random. with speed control.
for light mutaion set speed slow and random strength low
for heavy mutation, set speed fast and random to a high value.

The 4 X/Y's all modify different parts of the ensemble and can be set to auto with speed control.

The drums are from the clock not the OP7 chaos block -
the clock triggers each drumwith a jank break at steps 13-16
the previous tom roll on steps 27-32 are now assigned to the kit so its a hat/snare/kik break
5 way direction.

An idea for experimenting.
the unused drum outs of the OP7 could be used aswell in a morph, or just replace the clocked triggers if there is cpu to spare, make a quick mod and drop in an xfader to make a morphing 'clocked ---> chaos' triggered drumkit. set the mod a on the xfade to the riff machine out.

also experimenting with different fm sources on the monark/feedback filter will yeild some good different results. there is a 'grumpy alien' out on the Op 7. maybe you can make him happy, and let him join in the alien jam party aswell!

There are some parts from builders Brett and also Hetrick's EuroReakt(unfiltered audio)...cheers


David Moore
2 years ago
Thanks! Great work!
Tony Nekrews
2 years ago
2 years ago
This is very creative and definite proof that there is other alien lifeforms in the universe. I especially like the cable-free B panel view.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Awesome, Cal! Gotta get me some Vortex 7!
2 years ago
damn it dudes - jam2 is unreal - should be no 1 on Bleatport!! Bahhh...